Our Story


Lovely Bath & Body has always been a purpose-driven company. When we began soap making in 2021, the goal was to create a brand that would enhance people's well-being, challenge the definitions of an ethical business, and empower communities both locally and through sustainable partnerships.

Lovely Bath & Body is a small business offering handmade soaps, hair care, and body products. Each item uses the highest quality ingredients that are uniquely formulated with the health of our body and planet in mind.


Lovely soaps unique recipes contain a skin loving blend of vegan butters and oils such as organic olive oil, organic and fair trade coconut oil, RSPO certified sustainable and organic palm oil, shea butter, and organic castor oil. This formula gives the soaps a luxuriously rich lather that is nourishing and moisturizing.

The soaps are made in small batches, using the cold process method, which requires 4-6 weeks cure time to make sure all the water has dissolved, leaving us with a beautiful hard bar of soap, perfect and gentle for the skin.

All products are made by me - Hannah, in Austin, Texas.


I am a mother of one sweet boy with another baby on the way, and I work full time in CPG sales. Between being a mom, wife and work, I use my free time formulating and making new soaps, hair care and body care products.

In late 2021 I found a book about making soap, ordered it, and jumped into trying all kinds of new recipes. I'm terrible at reading directions and prefer to dive into new things so I've made probably every mistake possible over the last few years, but have also learned a lot. That year, everyone got soap for Christmas, soon after that I setup an Etsy account, and began trying all kinds of products outside of cold process soap.

Every product you'll find on our website I have carefully formulated and crafted with the health of your body in mind, and lots of love and care for the environment. I find the whole process extremely challenging and rewarding, and love goes into each handmade product.

I hope you enjoy my creations!

From my hands to yours -