Custom Orders

Whether you're in need of a wedding favor, guest soaps for your b&b, baby shower or birthday favor, holiday gifts, or a gift set for your business - we can help you create something special.

We offer custom orders for bar soaps, bath bombs, and shower steamers. We source a variety of ingredients so let's talk about exactly what you're looking for and create something magical!


What are the minimum quantities for a custom order?

  • A single loaf of soap produces ten 4oz bars. Custom soap orders must be placed in quantities of 10 with 10 bars being the minimum order. Each bar is approximately 4oz, but these can be cut into 1 or 2oz bars depending on your needs.
  • The minimum quantity for bath bombs and shower steamers is 10 units.

What is the cost to create a custom order?

  • Unit cost for each item is $10 per 4oz bar of soap and $5 per bath bomb/shower steamer
  • There is a one-time customization fee of $25 which includes time to design the custom order and a custom black and white label for your soap. If you reorder the same product again, your customization fee is waived.
  • There is a flat rate shipping and handling cost of $15 per order. Local pick-up is also available and free!

What is your lead time:

  • Soaps: 6-8 weeks
  • Bath bombs & shower steamers: 2-4 weeks

If you're interested in learning more about the custom order process or have questions, please email us at